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Inspired by the Indian epic Mahabharata, Kshatriyan is an action packed suspense thriller with the concept of good versus evil set as the backdrop. Predominantly a plot driven by heroism, it is layered with several underlying themes such as love and morality. Kshatriyan means a warrior.

An ordinary retired teacher in his 60s is forced to search for his faith in human values and society after his only son goes missing in Melbourne. His former students join forces behind him to help find his son, only to get sucked into a world of underworld linking Singapore and Chennai triads. And when their master’s own life is being targeted, the gang of disciples rises against the evil to save their beloved guru, whose teachings are strongly inspired by the morality themes of life, civic duties and integrity from Bharathiyaar, a great poet.

Most Popular Drama Song, Mediacorp Vasantham, Pradhana Vizha 2016
Best Theme Song (Commended), Asian TV Awards 2015

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