We Are Craftsmen

We respect craftsmanship.

We understand that Steve jobs, Michael Jackson, AR Rahman, Sun Tzu, Muhammad Ali, Lee Kuan Yew, Bruce Lee and Christopher Nolan had one thing in common: they were Great at what they do. They focused their energy into craftsmanship.

Comicbook is a place which prioritizes craftsmanship over commercials.

We understand that the greatest leaps are not made by monetary aspirations

But through an innate drive to change the world

Today's Norm is Innovation

Tomorrow's Edge is Imagination

Here at Comicbook

We strive to change the regular and push the bar higher by the day.

Here at Comicbook

We invent imagination.

Content Creators

We use the art of storytelling to take audiences on emotional journeys using a wide array of cinematic skills. We conceptualize and produce original content for broadcasters and the big screen. Our teams bring exceptional talent, creativity, and knowledge to every project we work on.

Cinema is the pre-eminent art form of our time; it has an enormous impact on our surroundings,  with the power to change consciousness and shape cultures and opinions. More than just a form of entertainment, we believe that Television and Films are today’s version of humankind’s first hobby – storytelling.

So like our ancestors, we form our concepts from nothing. Like Jerry likes to say “It’s a show about nothing." Conversations with friends. Interesting observations of strangers. The clouds. A car ride. Headlines. Nothing. A random idea yesterday… A story today….  A show tomorrow...  Let’s meet for nothing to talk about nothing if you have an idea about nothing. Who knows? It might be the next hit in town!


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